Canvas Printing & Stretching

Print on Canvas

Canvas Giclées is one of our most recognized products. They have the appearance and feel of the original and is a newer printing concept for photographers and artists. Now you can display your photos on our fine art canvas. 

We take much pride in the quality of the canvas we carry which results in a better printed product. There are many places which offer Print on Canvas services but the end result can vary. If you weren’t thrilled before with a product you received elsewhere, stop in and take a look at our samples. You will see a real difference between ours and theirs.

E-MAIL US your file by clicking HERE or visit us with the image to have it scanned.

Mounting & Stretching

At My Framing Store, Inc. we have both the tools and skills to stretch canvas prints or paintings that you may have sitting rolled up in your closet.  There are a variety of options when it comes to stretching, both in the stretching technique and the width of the stretcher bar.  Most often the piece will dictate how wide of a bar you should use, but if you have an image you’d like printed on canvas, we can print it any size and in such a way that it will look good on any size stretch bar you’d like.

A traditional stretching job is one that involves stapling the canvas to the side of the stretch bar, which will often give you longer life-span of a tight stretch.  When a piece is stretched traditionally, you will see the staples when on the wall, unless it is framed.

A gallery wrap is when the canvas is stretched around the bar and stapled to the back.  This provides a more polished look to unframed canvas pieces, and is usually used when a piece is being stretched on a deep stretch bar with no intention of being framed.

When a piece is too delicate to stretch, or a painting is done on a textile other than canvas (which is often the case with oil paintings purchased while overseas or street art), you have the option to mount it instead of stretching.  Through the drymounting process, we run the piece through a press with heat-activated foamcore, and the piece bonds with the foamcore, creating a flat, clean look.  Drymounted pieces are not able to hang on the wall without a frame like canvas pieces, but when framed have the same appearance as a stretched canvas.


(BOTTOM: GREEN) Traditional Stretch (TOP: RED) Gallery Wrap