Framing Solutions

Each and every piece entering our doors is unique, and we are always sure to approach it as such. How you choose to frame something, whether it be mat colors/textures, the layout, or the frame itself, will have a great impact on how your piece is enhanced and, eventually, how it will look on your wall. Below shows how we approached one shadowbox that was to frame the 1984 Olympic Torch with the USA jacket.

First a custom structure was made to ensure the torch was held securely in the frame.

By combining multiple frames, we were able to create the depth necessary for a custom shadowbox, while still maintaining a sturdy base to hold everything.

Next the mats are cut and then a custom structure is made to fit inside the jacket to keep it looking crisp and preserved inside the frame.

Once all of this is completed, the components are gently fit inside of their new frame and then secured, ensuring their safety over time. Hanging hardware is then installed and your beautifully framed custom piece is ready to be taken home and displayed!