The Process of Custom Framing

1. Consultation

When you visit My Framing Store, Inc. one of our trained designers will work with you to create a masterpiece. Together we will find what works best for your piece and the space you will be displaying it in.

2. Construction

After the consultation we take responsibility for your piece. With all the work done on the premises, you can leave it with us in full confidence that it will be handled with care and attention. Your mat boards are cut, your picture frame is constructed, and everything is assembled by experienced artisans who pay close attention to detail.

3. Inspection

Once your frame is assembled, it is thoroughly inspected by your consultant one more time to ensure everything is correct and fit to perfection.

4. The Reveal!

Congratulations on your finished masterpiece! It is now your turn to inspect and make sure it meets your expectations (hopefully exceeds them!), and take it home to cherish on your walls.