Photo Restoration Services

Restoring Damaged Photos

My Framing Store, Inc. offers a wide range of different photo restoration & retouching services. All restoration is performed by our in-house restoration artists and originals remain untouched. Using only state of the art cameras, scanners, editing software, and printers, it is printed with archival inks on a variety of archival papers. Our retouching services offer a new life to pictures that may have only been UV-damaged or may need the colors enhanced or optimized for contrast, color and sharpness.

Including the following:

Repairing: Scratches, Cracks, Tearing, Creases, Mold & Water Damages
Improving: Too Dark, Too Light, Washed Out, Color Fading, UV-Damages
Removing: Stains, Red eye, Wrinkles, Blemishes, Unwanted Objects/People

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You may e-mail your image for an estimate and the restored image can be mailed to you or picked up from either of locations in NJ.

Rips & Tears

Color Enhancements

Fire & Water Damage